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Intelligent Fitness Avatar

Your all-access pass to on-demand exercise instruction, anywhere, anytime

Immerse yourself into a custom workout experience by an “Intelligent Fitness Avatar” in the comfort of your home on= your television, computer, tablet or on the go from your phone.  You will have a personal coach available 24/7 who will give you the ability to achieve your fitness goals, whether you are running, cycling, strength training or doing yoga. You can easily track your heart rate, pace, distance and calorie spent.  The animations will be generated by our virtual human software and your avatars can look and sound human, distinctive and even have different types of virtual personalities. Examples include supportive, enthusiastic and military. These personalities can be chattier and use each individual’s name.  The avatars are so easy to customize, and everyone can set up their own profile.

Real Avatar

An “Intelligent Fitness Avatar” (IFA) was developed by Michael Torchia, renowned health expert, Alison Savitch, President of Threshold Digital Research Labs, and David Brebner, CEO of Umajin. The IFA will guide people through their custom workouts and coach them through their personalized exercise programs.  The IFA is capable of showing enthusiasm and can be programmed to change eye color to express different emotions, shown when the IFA leans in to emphasize a phrase.

It was designed to provide support that can be personalized on the user’s heart rate, speed, personality type, mood, energy and fitness level. The “Intelligent Fitness Avatar” gained its social intelligence by being trained by Michael Torchia on how to be an effective and encouraging coach, and it learned when to offer praise during a workout as well as the cues to motivate and improve the user’s performance.  In addition, the IFA is powered by the IBM Computer System Watson, which is a communicating computer system capable of answering in multiple languages.  Also, users will have an option to add “Facial Recognition Bio-metrics,” which will allow users to be able to build their personal profile and track their progress.The “Intelligent Fitness Avatar” was developed Michael Torchia as part of his mission to help fight the worldwide epidemic of obesity and ill health.

Contact Information:

Michael Torchia
9903 Santa Monica Blvd. #820,
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Office# 800.933.8633 / Cell: 310.650.5595