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Alison Savitch
VP of New Media Technology


Alison and her Company, Digital Fortress, have worked on such Blockbuster films as Terminator 2, Spider-Man 4, Prometheus, The Chronicles of Narnia, Dracula and the Green Lantern, to name a few, winning two Academy Awards for special effects. Alison is a pioneer of motion capture technology, used to create extremely realistic animated battles. Alison is also well known as the Chair of the Producers Guild of America. (Emeritus) Founding Board of the Visual Effects Society, Advisory Board for the Gnomon School for Visual Effects, and many more.

Jerry Rees
VP Creative


Jerry Rees is a prolific Director, Producer and Writer of live-action, animation, multi-media and special format films including sixteen Disney theme park attractions. While still in high school, Jerry began mentoring as a character animator at Disney Studios under the wing of one of Walt Disney’s legendary “Nine Old Men” and was Awarded a Disney Scholarship. Jerry began his career as a Disney feature animator, working up to visual effects supervisor on TRON. He has even played director to the likes of George Lucas and Michael Eisner. He has won multiple THEA awards for Disney’s Imagineering team.

Michael Torchia
VP of Business Development
Health and Wellness Expert

Michael Torchia

Michael has created a multi-disciplinary lifestyle conglomerate, the first in its category that focuses on every phase of the lifestyle process, including physical fitness and nutritional solutions. He offers a fresh, effective approach to fitness that helps the entire family create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Torchia’s innovative programs are interactive and help both children and adults achieve optimal fitness levels through age-appropriate exercise and nutritious eating. Michael, whose expertise has made him a public person as well, brings to his clients a personalized program that combines diet, physical training, and mental acuity.

Strategic Partners

David Brebner
Chief Executive Officer – UMAJIN

David Brebner

David is a leading thinker in user interaction, software design, 3D machine vision, AR, IoT, AI and solutions architecture. This thinking is put into practice with the powerful Umajin digital platform. Umajin allows teams to create content, digital processes and apps much quicker than through traditional techniques. Umajin is a US company with R&D based in New Zealand. David spends most of his time traveling around the world working with the Umajin commercial teams, Umajin partners, and advising customers on new projects and working with them to launch new products. The goal is to make it possible for anybody to be able to  create amazing experiences using Umajin. David has led the creation of Umajin applications with over 30 million instances shipped with partners like PwC, Dell, HP, Intel, IBM and Sony.

Stacey Burstein

President – Eevolver Inc.

Stacey is the presdient of Eevolver Inc., a next-generation development and production studio engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment, including creative development, pre-production and post-production. Eevolver’s workflow transforms production to support producers, studios and agencies working on the global stage by integrating creative development early in the production, with pre-and post production, all coming together in a synergy impossible in the past.