Intelligent Avatar


Our Mission

Enable people to connect and communicate using the internet in ways that blur the physical and virtual realms.

Real Avatar is a Quantum Leap in Communication!

A realistic avatar of you, projected into a secured shared space and in real time.

We are developing next generation avatar and shared immersive space technology to serve as a platform for the next standard of global communication for all people for all purposes. People will trust that you are you in the virtual world. Multiple people can interact in an immersive, shared environment, seeing others from their own first person point of view (how we all see life every day), with body language and facial expressions that are more fantastically real than anything seen before!

Who We Are

Real Avatar is a California startup whose founders include industry software experts, and innovators from the digital effects, animation, and gaming industries.

Secret Sauce

There are many players in the 3D field. Game engines, 3D goggle makers and rudimentary avatar makers. No one has tackled the realistic facial real-time capture, transmission and rendering disciplines, which are crucial to the next-generation means of communications.

We are solely focused on these disciplines to deliver a platform that will be licensed to game creators, social networks and many others. Whether presented on a mobile device, 3D goggles or a large 2D or 3D screen, our technology will have a significant advantage over existing technology in realism, performance, security and device embedding and integration options.[/fusion_text]